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Sudachi Citrus

Sudachi Citrus is a Japanese variety of citrus which has long been a highly prized fruit in Japan. Sudachi limes are considered to be a hybrid of a citrus related to the koji and tachibana orange, and a common Mandarin. This hybrid was however a spontaneous mutation and not the work of “crossbreeding” in a greenhouse. The flavor of sudachi citrus is somewhere in the lemon, lime and yuzu “spectrum” of citrus flavor. Higher in Vitamin ‘C’ than lemons, the young Sudachi fruit is most often used by highly skilled chefs when cooking dishes like soups, fish recipes, as well as in desserts and even ice cream! Another common use for the fruit is to mix the juice into vinegars or other citrus flavorings like the popular Ponzu Sauce found in most sushi restaurants. Today, sudachi citrus is now also used in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Often looked for but not so easy to find here in North America, Pearson Ranch is happy to have added such a small but powerful citrus fruit to our menu of specialty citrus. So how about you? Now that you have found sudachi lime citrus here in America, what creative and incredible citrus recipes will you add to your menu?

When are Sudachi Limes available?

They are available intermittently throughout the growing season, so please be sure to check for availability.

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