California Navel Oranges & Valencia Oranges at Pearson Ranch
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<b>California Valencia Oranges</b>
California Valencia Oranges

When you buy California Valencia Oranges, it always makes the perfect citrus gift for you, your family or even co-workers. Now you can order your sweet and juicy California Valencia Oranges from Pearson Ranch! Your orange order will be packed and shipped FRESH right to your door ANYWHERE in the US. Remember, when you send California Valencia Oranges, you're sending both a gift of good health, and of great taste, and you are buying oranges right off the farm!

California Oranges-10, 20 or 35 lb. boxes

<b>5 lbs. Premium Valencia Oranges with Express Shipping</b>
5 lbs. Premium Valencia Oranges with Express Shipping

Get 5 lbs of Fresh Vitamin C' Premium Packed California Oranges shipped right to your door! Pearson Ranch Oranges are grown in the "heart" of "The Orange Belt" of The San Joaquin Valley, California. Tended to by the best farming crew with years of experience, these oranges are expertly farmed, with caring hands. Irrigated by deep well water obtained from run off from the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range, and raised under the famous "California Sunshine", you simply will not find oranges this good unless you grow them yourself.
Includes Express FedEx Shipping!

5 pounds of Oranges- $25.00

<b>Juice Oranges for Juicing </b>
Juice Oranges for Juicing

Juice Oranges Pearson Ranch now offers boxes of oranges that you can use to make your very own fresh squeezed OJ. Juice your own oranges every morning and enjoy all the healthful benefits, and delicious flavor of our fresh California Oranges, and have them delivered right to your door. Juice em up and raise a glass to your health. And don't forget you can always sign up for our monthly juice orange program and have your own steady supply of juice oranges coming every month. This way you can stay up on your vitamin "C" all year long!

buy 20 or 35 lb. "juice" boxes

<b>Get California Oranges Delivered Every Month!</b>
Get California Oranges Delivered Every Month!

Now you can have fresh California Oranges delivered right to your door every month during the California Orange shipping season. We are pleased to introduce our NEW Monthly Orange Delivery Program. You can choose from 20 lbs. or 35 lbs. of California Oranges every month and have them shipped to you ANYWHERE in the USA. Don't worry, there is no long term commitment and you determine which months you get delivered. We make it "easy squeezy".

Fresh Oranges Delivered Every Month!

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