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Food Service

Let Pearson Ranch supply your restaurant with high quality citrus!

Attention all chefs, restaurant and food service managers…are you looking for great, fresh, quality citrus for your food service program or top quality restaurant?  Your search is over!  Let Pearson Ranch fill your pantry with fresh, delicious, farm grown, high quality citrus from California. We can deliver your citrus for your food service program. Does your newest recipe call for exotic citrus like; Australian Finger Lime, Yuzu, Sudachi, Hand of Buddha Citron, Blood Oranges, Pomelos, Kaffir/Makrut Limes or Mandarinquats? When they are in season, we’ve got you covered.  If the variety of citrus you need is available, we can source it for you.  And when it comes to the citrus “basics” of your kitchen, like Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, Eureka Lemons and Meyer Lemons, you no longer have to settle for whatever is “currently available” from the big food service vendors you are used to purchasing from.  We ship all our products via FedEx, so if you need it in your kitchen fast, we can make it happen.  Your choice of high quality specialty citrus should match your creativity and drive for perfection in the kitchen and on your plate!

Why source your Specialty Citrus from Pearson Ranch?

As growers of only the highest quality California Navel Oranges and Pomelos, we understand what “makes the best citrus!” Over time, we have closely developed relationships, and partnered with other talented citrus growers around our local area in California. This allows us to source and ship you only the best and carefully grown specialty citrus anywhere!

We Know Citrus!

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to see what citrus is currently in season.

Proudly Serving You Online Since 1998!

Our goal is always to grow, pack and ship the very best California Navel Oranges, California Valencia Oranges, and Specialty Citrus you can find anywhere on the planet. Everything we sell comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! That means we will make every reasonable effort to make you happy with your order, or your money back…guaranteed! Wholesale discounts are available on most items. Some restrictions may apply. Call for details.