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Welcome to Pearson Ranch!

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Welcome to Pearson Ranch!

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Buy California Citrus

California Orange Groves at Pearson Ranch
California Citrus from Pearson Ranch

Buy Your California Citrus From Pearson Ranch…your favorite name in citrus!

Welcome to Pearson Ranch! Thank You for for choosing the citrus company that has been serving you online SINCE 1998! We are here to help deliver all your California Citrus needs. We know that you have choices when you buy California citrus online, and certainly we are not the biggest company that ships fruit online, however our goal is to be your favorite and the BEST!

Our Love® Premium California Oranges are grown in “the heart” of The San Joaquin Valley, California. Tended to by the best farming crew with years of experience, these California Oranges are farmed, with expert, caring hands. Our orange trees are irrigated by deep, clean well water run off from the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Raised under the famous “California Sunshine,” you simply will not find oranges this good unless you grew them yourself.  

Why buy your Specialty Citrus from Pearson Ranch?

As growers of only the highest quality California Navel Oranges and Pomelos, we understand what “makes the best citrus!” Over time, we have closely developed relationships, and partnered with other talented citrus growers around our local area in California. This allows us to source and ship you only the best and carefully grown specialty citrus anywhere!

Depending on the time of year, you can choose from delicious Specialty Citrus, including hard to find selections like Finger Limes, Morro Blood Oranges, Bergamot Sour Oranges , Kaffir Limes, Calamondins, Yuzus or the mysterious and wonderful Buddha’s Hand Citron?

To see all the great fresh California citrus items we carry at Pearson Ranch, scroll back up to the top MENU and browse all of the other categories. While you shop, always remember you are buying your premium California citrus with confidence, with our satisfaction guarantee*!

Pearson Ranch has been a leader of online citrus sales, selling farm fresh California Oranges Online since 1998! We are proud of our our little family farm. Thank You for helping to keep America “Farming Strong”!

*Our Guarantee:

When ordering California Citrus from Pearson Ranch, we will always try to reasonably do everything we can to make your order right! We guarantee every piece of fruit, therefore if there is a problem, please either call or e mail us and we’ll take care of it!

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Sustainability On Our Farm

People often ask whether we practice “sustainable farming” on our land. Though we are NOT an “organic” farming operation, we do care about the environment! We know that the land not only provides all our workers with jobs, we know that future generations of farmers will need good, healthy land to continue farming here in one of the most diverse farming regions on the planet! Here are just some of the ways we do our part to be as “sustainable” as possible. We “recycle” all plant material we cut from the trees when we prune, top and hedge the trees, by shredding up the branches and leaves then discing (via tractor) them back into the soil as a mulch. Any fruit that doesn’t meet our standards for shipping, we donate to our local food banks to be distributed locally to those in need. And of the fruit we don’t donate, we place the fruit on the ground in different parts of the grove to be disked down to be used as a soil amendment. With the drought and water shortage we are experiencing in California, we use our irrigation water responsibly and use small micro-sprinklers, as to not use any extra water unnecessarily, unlike some farms that continue to use flood irrigation. All used cardboard from our facility is dropped off at our local recycling facility for recycling. Also too, in any of the packages we send out that require packaging peanuts, we only use cornstarch packing peanuts that actually biodegrade in water!

As a small family farm, the struggles of modern day farming, in conjunction with new challenges from climate change, makes farming an occupation “not for the faint of heart.” However, our commitment to take on these challenges is something that (unlike the weather) does not change!

FDA Info

Want a few more good reasons to enjoy California Citrus? Consider a few of the health benefits associated with eating Oranges and other citrus products:

The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Citrus fruit (like oranges) and their juices are fat- and cholesterol-free and citrus fruit like California Oranges and grapefruit are high in fiber. The FDA also has concluded that low fat diets high in fruits and vegetables containing fiber, including soluble fiber, may reduce the at risk of heart disease.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute have long maintained that a low-fat diet high in Vitamin C-rich foods may help reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, (JAMA) eating citrus (oranges) and drinking orange juice can cut the risk of stroke by nearly a third.

“Adequate Folic acid, the B vitamin in orange juice, may reduce the risk of certain birth defects.” – March of Dimes

So why not enjoy the gift of great taste and good health with Premium California Oranges from Pearson Ranch? Don’t forget, they also make great gifts for friends, family and even co-workers. What a great way to…spread the LOVE?

A Few Words About Shipping

Proudly Serving You Online Since 1998!

*A few words about shipping* Pearson Ranch can ship fresh citrus ANYWHERE in the U.S., Including Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona!

**Also please note...occasionally extreme weather conditions (cold or hot), holidays and/or weekends, require us to determine the best possible day to ship your fresh fruit order. If we have to change the shipping date of your order, we will notify you via e-mail or by phone as soon as possible. This is the best way to help ensure the fruit you receive (or send) will be the freshest possible!

Our goal is always to grow, pack and ship the very best California Navel Oranges, California Valencia Oranges, and Specialty Citrus you can find anywhere on the planet. Everything we sell comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! That means we will make every reasonable effort to make you happy with your order, or your money back...guaranteed! Wholesale discounts are available on most items. Some restrictions may apply. Call for details.


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