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IMPORTANT: Please be sure someone is available to receive your fresh fruit order if you know you live in a cold area of the country! Track your packages @ FedEx online tracking services. If FedEx leaves fresh fruit on your doorstep when temperatures are below 32F. degrees, damage can occur to the fruit in just a few hours. Sorry, but we cannot be held responsible for frozen or cold damaged fruit. This applies to ALL methods of shipping!


We at Pearson Ranch are ALWAYS grateful for any media attention we receive. We know the best form of advertising comes from “word of mouth” from customers to friends, family members or even co-workers. However, when we can get a generous and unsolicited mention in some of the country’s largest media outlets, or a “shout out” from a legendary cook and media mogul on their Instagram page, well we’re more than honored! Here are some of the mentions we have received from some high end media sources! If you want to see Pearson Ranch Oranges as apart of other businesses media campaigns, click on our Advertising With Oranges page.

Thank You to Kat Kinsman for the mention in her article in Food & Wine!

This was a nice mention in the Los Angeles Times for Pearson Ranch

A big time THANK YOU to the maven herself for the “shout out” to Pearson Ranch on her Instagram page! Thank You Martha!

The Wall Street Journal mention of Pearson Ranch

Here’s a mention from Yahoo!’s Epicurious section.