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Thinking about advertising with Oranges! You can now say it with LOVE! LOVE brand oranges from Pearson Ranch that is. Looking for something “fresh” for a new citrus themed ad campaign? Call us first! If you need beautiful looking oranges, Lemons, Pomelos, Buddha Hand Citron, Etrogs, or almost any other citrus fruit in almost any amount for your advertising media…look no further than Pearson Ranch. For television, internet, print media, or even movies, let us be your source for your citrus “wrangling” needs. In fact you may have seen Pearson Ranch Oranges on T.V. for a commercial for Tropicana Premium Orange Juice! To watch, click on the video below or you can also watch the video on YouTube !

The print-ad below for Motorola features oranges from Pearson Ranch. When the ad agency wanted to advertise with oranges and needed beautiful, “perfect looking” oranges they called us!

motorla ad
Motorola Ad Featuring Pearson Ranch Oranges

Pearson Ranch has been a part of all kinds of media related occasions. From photo shoots, t.v. commercials, magazine articles, and even product “launches” for new makeup products from L’Oreal!

L'oreal launch
Pearson Ranch Oranges used for product launch for L’Oreal in NYC

Let your creative (orange) “juices” flow when deciding to create a campaign around a visual palette featuring citrus. We know that there are other fruit choices available to use. But oranges have been used in advertising as long as advertising has been around to convey a message of health, happiness and good cheer.

Pearson Ranch Citrus has even been used for a photo shoot in Better Homes and Gardens!

So when looking for the best of the best citrus for any of your media needs, let Pearson Ranch make it happen for you. Call us first 1-888-667-2643. We know what you are looking for, and we know citrus!