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Dwarf Melogold Grapefuit Tree

*Melogold Grapefruit

*(image is for illustrative purposes only, actual tree may look different)

The Melogold Grapefruit is a citrus hybrid, made up of a combination of an acidless pummelo and a seedy Marsh grapefruit, as well as being the sibling of an Oroblanco grapefruit hybrid. It gets the "melo" part of its name from the mellow flavor and low acid content, and the "gold" for the color of the rind that has more yellow color than Oroblanco grapefruit. Put the two together and the name says it all...Melogold. So, if you really enjoy the great taste and health benefits of grapefruit and don't want all the acid that most "grocery store grapefruit" has, then it only makes sense to grow your own tree!

PLEASE READ PRIOR TO ORDERING: To allow for a shorter amount of time that your tree will be under the "stress of shipping", these young trees are shipped directly from our supplier to you. As soon as your tree is shipped, you will receive a tracking number in order to track your tree.

Also...when prepared for shipping, the soil is removed from the tree’s roots and they are carefully packed with moist wood shavings in a plastic bag. So, bare-rooted citrus trees should be planted in a 12-14” container, or in the ground and watered upon arrival.

And finally...due to USDA restrictions, citrus trees cannot be shipped to: Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Dwarf Melogold Grapefuit Tree
melogold-grapefruit-treeRegular Price $69.95Sale Price $65.00

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