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Lemon Sampler Boxes

Lemon Sampler Boxes

For easier ordering,
please take the time to review our
shipping practices and policies
prior to ordering.

Looking for a variety of lemons to add that special "zing" to your cooking repertoire in one package? Pearson Ranch has your lemons, with our new Lemon Sampler Boxes! When they are in season and available, we will ship you either a 5 pound or 10 pound mix of our Meyer Lemons, Pink Variegated Pink Lemons, and "Regular" Lemons. Imagine creating your own recipes with lemons that will just "knock the socks off" your family and friends! How about a Meyer Lemon or Pink Lemon Meringue Pie? Try grilling up a piece of fresh salmon with pink lemon slices? Or even mixing up a batch of lemonade with all 3? Yes, the "tangy" sky is the limit. So open up your favorite cook book or download those recipes you have been waiting to try and unleash the citrus "magic" in your kitchen!

Select from either 5 or 10 pound quantities below.

5 pound Lemon Sampler Box
10 LB. Lemon Sampler Box
5 pound Lemon Sampler Box

5 pound Lemon Sampler Box

10 LB. Lemon Sampler Box

10 LB. Lemon Sampler Box

Pearson Ranch grows, packs and ships the very best California Navel Oranges and California Valencia Oranges, and Specialty Citrus, in the world. Sweet and juicy navel oranges and valencia oranges are just a click away from Pearson Ranch, California. Custom or Special and Corporate Orders are Always welcome. And never forget, Everything Pearson Ranch sells comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Wholesale discounts are available on most items. Some restrictions may apply. Call for details.

CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM Pacific/California Time

1-888-O-ORANGE (1-888-667-2643)

★★★ For a detailed list of our shipping practices and policies --->please click here.<---

Thank You for shopping with Pearson Ranch and THANK YOU for supporting America's small farms!

"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness."

- Letter from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington (1787)

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