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About Us

"By providing specialized care and farming practices, we produce truly superior fruit at Pearson Ranch."

"Farming is fascinating because you are continually learning from the earth. You have to listen to nature - each day is different. You can never catch up in farming. You are either ahead or behind. It is for all of those reasons that we first and always care for our trees, the water and the earth."

Dudley C. Pearson
Founder of Pearson Ranch

The Pearson Ranch Story

Dudley Pearson founded the Pearson Ranch in the mid-1950s, realizing a long-held dream of his family. Located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, the richest agricultural region in the world, the pristine groves nestle close to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Today the Pearson Ranch continues to be a family-run business dedicated to growing and selling the best oranges in the world.

The dynamic collaboration of excellent farming practices and ideal growing conditions assures the finest quality in Navels and Valencias from the Pearson Ranch. Pearson Ranch oranges are grown on Tri-foliate and Troyer root stocks in red ground. The Ranch is further enhanced by a vast irrigation system which delivers mineral-rich deep well water directly to each tree. The orange groves are farmed like a garden, with each tree visited and cared for by expert farmers. The diverse seasonal weather, from the hot dry desert-like summers to the cold fog-bound winters, guarantees fruit that is both juicy and complex in taste.

Biting into a Pearson Ranch orange gives you a burst of flavor sweet with a delicate tartness and fragrant with a clean citrus scent. The memory of the orange blossom remains long after the fruit is eaten. It is an orange unlike any other, satisfying a citrus lover's fondest desires. Elegantly round, with a smooth red orange skin and delicately formed sections, it offers extraordinary eye appeal.

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