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Dwarf Orange Trees

Dwarf Orange Trees*

*(image is for illustrative purposes only, actual tree may look different)

Who doesn't want their very own Dwarf Orange Tree? For sweet, juicy delicious and tangy flavor, there is nothing better! Now you don't have to live in California or Florida to enjoy your favorite fruit. Pick and eat them fresh off the tree, or juice them up for your own glass of Vitamin 'C' packed "goodness". There's almost no end to what you can do with such a versatile citrus. If you want the convenience of having your own dwarf orange tree, we can help make it happen. These dwarf orange trees make wonderful specimens in your yard (if your winter climate isn't too severe). Live in a colder location? No problem. Dwarf citrus trees make spectacular indoor container trees too!

For a better shopping experience, PLEASE READ PRIOR TO ORDERING:

1. All trees are available to Pre-Order.

2. Please indicate your choice of tree by using the drop down menu below.

3. We will call you to notify you when the they will be shipped, so when ordering please make sure you leave a good daytime phone number where you can be contacted.

3. Due to longer wait times for trees, DO NOT USE PAYPAL to pay for trees. Your credit card will not be charged until your tree is ready to be shipped.

4. To allow for a shorter amount of time that your tree will be under the "stress of shipping", these young trees are shipped directly from our supplier to you. As soon as your tree is shipped, you will receive a tracking number in order to track your tree.

5. When your tree arrives, please be prepared to plant your tree either in the ground or in a container as quickly as possible, being sure to water it as soon as you have it planted!

6. For several helpful tips on growing citrus trees, go to our Citrus Growing Tips Page.

And finally...due to USDA restrictions, citrus trees cannot be shipped to: Arizona, Texas and Florida.

NOTE: Each tree ships in one box. If you order multiple trees on one order, we will contact you, as additional shipping needs to be charged.

The trees AVAILABLE for purchase are listed in the drop-down menu below.

Note: Due to USDA restrictions, citrus trees cannot be shipped to: Arizona, Texas or Florida.

Dwarf Orange Trees
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