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Pre-Order Navel Choice Oranges 40lbs

40 pounds Navel Oranges
"choice grade"

What is LOVE® Choice?
As with everything in creation, beauty is merely "skin deep". Even our oranges don't always grow to just the "right" size, shape, or even color. And yes, sometimes they even have a blemish or two from sun or the wind. But that certainly doesn't make them un-LOVE-able. In fact, we know that what really counts, is what we find on the inside. That's why Pearson Ranch is pleased to offer you our very own LOVE® Brand Choice Grade California Oranges. Sure these oranges aren't perfect on the outside, and the sizes in the box will vary, but whatever you do, don't think for a minute that these oranges are not as sweet and delicious inside as our Pearson Ranch Gift Grade or our LOVE® Premium Oranges. The only difference is the fact that these oranges aren't quite "pretty enough" to make it into our Pearson Ranch Gift or LOVE Premium brand boxes.

We here on the farm would "Love" find a home for each and every orange we grow, no matter what shape, size, color, or skin condition. That's why we have created this box for the true orange lover, who knows that "what matters most, is truly on the inside"...and that's what we believe LOVE is all about.

Behold the power of LOVE....

"In August I bought a juicer for a spectacular woman and began keeping her supplied with Pearson Ranch California Oranges. She loves starting the day with fresh orange juice. Worked so well we are getting married later this year. Most likely could not have been nearly as successful at building a relationship without the oranges. Thanks."
-Dr. Tim S. (Atlanta, GA)

What's in a Box of LOVE®Choice?

Each box of LOVE® Choice Oranges, contain only fresh, deliciously sweet tasting, oranges of different sizes, some with varying "character marks". Grown in the California sun, raised with caring hands and irrigated with deep underground well water, our oranges are easily backed by our 100% Pearson Ranch Satisfaction Guarantee!

Something else to LOVE.

The PRICE! Because of their little "imperfections" we can't sell them at the premium price of our Pearson Ranch gift or Love Premium grade oranges, so we sell them at a discounted price directly to you. That way, "LOVE" doesn't have to hurt.

*A few words about shipping* Pearson Ranch can ship fresh citrus ANYWHERE in the U.S., Including: Texas, Louisiana and Arizona! Also... you only pay for the shipping you actually need! We don't insult our customers by CLAIMING to offer "free shipping", then stick the cost into the price of the fruit! Please COMPARE "other" on-line fresh fruit vendors and see if what you pay for is what you're really getting!

**Also please note...occasionally extreme weather conditions (cold or hot), holidays and/or weekends, require us to determine the best possible day to ship your fresh fruit order. If we have to change the shipping date of your order, we will notify you via e-mail as soon as possible. This is the best way to help ensure the fruit you receive (or send) will be the freshest possible!

--->A special note about making juice from NAVEL oranges:
Due to a naturally occurring chemical in Navel oranges called limonin, orange juice made from Navel oranges is best served right away. Navel orange juice can turn bitter in just a few hours, even if refrigerated! So, go ahead, juice them up and drink to your heartís content, and then see if OJ made from Fresh Picked California Navel Oranges isnít just as delicious and satisfying as juice made from any other variety of Oranges. are PRE-ordering Navel Oranges for late fall delivery or as soon as they are ready!

Pre-Order Navel Choice Oranges 40lbs

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