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Monthly Special

This Month's Special Offer
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Every month we offer a special sale on different delicious items at Pearson Ranch. This month save $1.50 on 12 oz. jars of Pearson Ranch Orange Blossom Honey when you use the coupon code at the checkout page. Listen to the end of the recorded message from "Farmer Tony" for the code.

Now you can buy truly the best Orange Honey online!...Orange Blossom Honey, nature's perfect food. As soon as the orange blossoms open in the San Joaquin Valley's "Orange Belt", the bees go to work to create the most delicious and delicately scented honey you can find anywhere! And not only is Pearson Ranch Orange Blossom Honey all natural, it makes a great sugar substitute for most cooking and baking needs. And now this month it's even sweeter when you save! regularly $7.00 but this month save $1.50 when you buy a jar, but you must use use the coupon code at checkout in order to get this month's special savings. As always,

Thank You for shopping Pearson Ranch!

Monthly Special

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