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Castoro Cellars Non Alcoholic Grape Juice (4-bottles)

Castoro Cellars Non Alcoholic Grape Juice

SAVE 10% on 4 bottles

This is definitely not your ordinary grape juice! Actual wine grapes (instead of Concord grapes) are used to create this distinctly unique non-alcoholic grape juice from California's critically acclaimed, Central Coast Wine Country of Paso Robles. Blended together from the fall grape "crush" of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc wine grapes this grape juice is a true experience for real wine lovers as well as for anyone who simply enjoys the taste of a true gourmet non-alcoholic grape juice! With absolutely 100% no alcohol or added sugar, and just a touch of "effervescence" to add sparkle, this juice can be enjoyed by everyone at any meal.

*Best served chilled or over ice*

(10% savings based on single bottle purchase price)

*Shipping charges will be applied at checkout.

750 ml bottles

Castoro Cellars Non Alcoholic Grape Juice (4-bottles)
grapejuice4Regular Price $34.00Sale Price $30.60Quantity:

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