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Signed and framed "Farmer Tony" Picture

Personally Autographed Framed "Farmer Tony" Pictures

As an orange farmer it's important to check each and every orange before it leaves our farm and into one of our special hand packed boxes of beautiful California Oranges. Each piece of Pearson Ranch fruit is carefully inspected to make sure that it is "worthy" of our "Pearson Ranch" or "LOVE" brands. In fact our motto here is..."We shall sell no orange before..." well as soon as we come up with something clever that rhymes with Orange, we will have a motto! But until then, just know that you will be receiving the very best box of California Citrus you can find anywhere! Guaranteed.

Oh yeah, about the picture, if you would like an 8x10 AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE of "Farmer Tony" for your living room, office, gardening shed, garage, or even dart board, -OR- you know someone who has a collection of signed pictures of farmers they never met, this truly makes THE PERFECT GIFT!

NOTE: When ordering please include what message you would like to have written in.

Signed and framed "Farmer Tony" Picture

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